Nauset Beach Stone Collection

Some of my favorite pieces to create are using beach stones and shells I collect locally at Nauset Beach in East Orleans. Some of the stones I tumble to give them a high polish while others I leave just as I found them on the beach.  What I love about giving them a polish is they look as if you just pulled them out of the water and you can see all the beautiful detail within the stone. You would be surprised the variety of stones you can find! I also love setting wampum (quahog shell), it looks amazing in oxidized silver or with golden accents. Each piece is unique and one of a kind making them even that much more special to the wearer. 

I have an ever changing selection of beach stone and shell jewelry available at my store Adorn in East Orleans, MA. If you are unable to visit in person but are interested in a piece you can email me at, I am happy to send images of what is currently available.