Tucson Recap

     Earlier this month I had the opportunity to travel to Tucson, AZ for the world renowned Tucson Gem show.  I had been hearing about the show and living vicariously through other jewelers instagram posts for years. I was lucky enough to be invited to go with a great group of Boston based jewelers. Including, Hannah Blount, Sophie Hughes, Vincent Russo, Sasha Walsh and Lauren Passenti.  Hannah and Sasha had been before so they showed the rest of us who were first timers the ropes. 

   Now this isn't just a single gem show that happens to be in Tucson... It is many different shows all over the city.  We went to Holidome and Gem Mall, AGTA, GJX, Pueblo and some of the other smaller shows along the highway. I stocked up on as many of my favorite stones as I could. I was looking for unique one of a kind stones to use in my pieces. I also bought a nice selection of rose cut natural diamonds to use in my fine collection, this was probably the most exciting yet nerve wracking purchase. 

   Overall it was such a great experience. Tucson was beautiful, cacti everywhere! and the weather was just perfect.  Next time I go I plant to make it half work half vacation and stay a few more days to enjoy and relax.