Growing up, and still residing, on the shores of Cape Cod, Mass. there has never been a lack of inspiration for Molly. Being surrounded by the Cape's natural beauty and nautical world has heavily influenced her designs. 

 Molly began her journey in metalsmithing in her early high school years where her passion for the craft started to blossom. At a young age she earned various awards for her designs and went on to take more metals classes after she graduated. However it wasn't until 2012 when she honed in on her skills and designs after receiving a diploma from The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, CA. Upon completing her program she returned to Cape Cod and launched her namesake company, Molly Avellar Jewelry. 

 Every piece of Molly Avellar Jewelry is handcrafted by Molly herself.  Molly prides herself in her unique designs and style.  She is always trying to evolve as a designer and push herself. 

 Aside from creating her beautifully unique lines of jewelry, Molly loves creating one of a kind pieces. She is drawn to unique stones, such as dendritic, plume and moss agate, ocean jasper, druzys, opals and more. She also loves collecting beach stones locally from Nauset Beach, polishing them and using them in her work. 

In the fall of 2014 Molly and her mother Jenny teamed up to open their first brick and mortar shop, Adorn in East Orleans, MA. Adorn opened May of 2015 and offers a carefully curated selection of handcrafted jewelry, art, gifts and unique goods for home and lifestyle with a focus on independent designers and handmade brands based locally on Cape Cod and throughout the U.S. Molly's studio is right in Adorn and customers can stop by and see what she is up to! 

 When she isn't in her studio creating Molly often can be found walking the shores with her dog Nala.